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22 May 2014

The birth of your baby was supposed to be such...

The information on this website is the product of the clinical expertise, knowledge and experience of board certified neonatologist working in 22 states across the United States, in every region and every type of practice from small towns and community hospitals to the major children’s hospitals and teaching centers in the country. The NICU can be overwhelming. No matter what type of NICU is caring for your baby, your questions, concerns, and anxieties are shared by families everywhere – and getting understandable and consistent answers to your questions may sometimes seem difficult. We hope this website will serve as a roadmap to help guide you through this scary and tumultuous time.

The information presented on this website is for general knowledge only and is not intended to treat or make treatment recommendations about your – or any - patient. It is intended solely to provide a foundation upon which you can open a dialogue with your clinical providers.