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A child less than three-years old is sent to the emergency room every eight minutes due to nursery product related injuries. 

Study Details

A Nationwide Children's Hospital Study recently published in Pediatrics, which studied various nursery products including baby carriers, cribs/mattresses, and strollers. These products sent children to the ER because they fell out of the products and mainly caused head, face, and/or neck injuries.

The study looked at emergency room visits from January 1991 - December 2011 and found that within the last eight years injuries from these products have increased by 25%.

 "The purpose of the study wasn't to point a finger at parents, but at manufacturers," said Tracy Mehan, a researcher for Nationwide Children's Hospital, in an interview with USA Today


How To Keep Your Child(ren) Safe

Mehan gave a few tips on how to keep your child(ren) safe from these product-related injuries including

  • Being aware of flaws and structural flaws with gently used products

    • A stroller that was bought from someone else that used it might have loose screws that could influence the strength of the stroller.

  • Buy a crib that was made after the year 2011 as regulations have change.

  • Don't buy a used car seat as car seats that were once in a crash might not be as strong as they initially were

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